Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Celebrating Father's Day

We were totally unprepared for Father's day. There are a lot going on at the moment (mostly with work) hence the absence... at isama na rin dyan ang mga gawaing-nanay/bahay, lol =)

But we had a little celebration pa rin dahil nakisama si Mr Sun sa amin.

We've been trying to be good by not eating out so much but we decided to break that for this special day. We went to Nandos Chicken for lunch, where we ordered Lemon & herb grilled chicken for thr 3 of us, plus bread & butter and Sweet potato mash for Poj. It was yummy not to mention hassle free, medyo nagsawa na ata kami sa luto namin, lol. On top of that we were given 20% when I showed my work ID. =) Not bad, right?

We went to our fave park at the mo, The Common, here in Southampton. We remembered to bring Poj's bike and we let him ride it until he got tired. Eksaktong andito na kami sa lake nung abutin sya ng pagod kaya ibang scenery naman (normally hanggang playground lang kami nakakapunta and he wants to stay there to play). Nainggit sya mega sa mga taong nagfifishing doon. We promised to do that  sometime this summer.

We stayed here for a while, simply enjoying the sun and the view. We wished we were more prepared and have brought bbq or picnic man lang....  (insert parinig kay Papa E to be more organized next time, lol).

 Ornamental Lake

On the way back to the car syempre nadaanan namin ang playground at hindi pwedeng hindi magstop-over! We let Poj play there for an hour. Thank heavens for long days of summer, kahit late na mataas pa rin ang araw =)

Papa E said he had a lovely time, to follow po ang gift ah? 
Although I wish we were home to be able to greet my daddy in person. But for now Skype had to do.

Happy Father's day to my Daddy, to Papa E and to all amazing Father's out there! 


  1. aww... what a simple but lovely way to celebrate father's day. happy father's day to your hubby sis :)

  2. happy father's day!

    poj is always cute sis! chubby red cheeks! effortless

  3. joanne del rosario19 June 2012 at 23:10

    Poj's really cute!! He had so much fun in the play ground! Belated Happy Father's day to your hubby sis!

  4. happy father's day kay papa E. magparinig daw ba, hehe! wala bang boating diyan?

  5. hangganda! happy father's day daddy ni poj! :)

  6. belated happy fathers day.....


  7. Belated happy father's day  to your hubby and Dad!Sany na sanay umakyat si Poj ah!

  8. belated happy father's day po sa iyong hubby. =D

  9. Kebler Omanito26 June 2012 at 17:56

    Belated happy father's day to your big love!

  10. parehas malusog ah! belated happy father's day :)

  11. alam ko late na ko pero happy father's day pa rin ha :)

  12. bumisita sa iyo..

  13. super late, pero happy father's day pa rin. ang cute naman ni Poj!

  14. haven't been here for a while. on hiatus ata most of us. haha! anyway, belated happy father's day to your papa E.
    just enjoy whatever is keeping you busy right now. :)

  15. so nice pics . nice and cute baby .
    Parfum pas cher


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