Saturday, 3 March 2012

Movie Date

Isang himala! Yup, nagdate kami ni Papa E =) Di ko na maalala kung kelan ang huli naming date kaya excited kami. We used up our last 3 days of annual leave this week (kasi ang policy sa work ay "Use it or Lose it!" - di pwedeng i-carry over for the next financial year). 

So for the first day of our leave we went to see a movie. Papa E picked the last movie we saw kaya it was my turn to choose this time. I love action movies as well as romcom. But for it to feel like a proper date, I decided on The Vow. 
The Vow is based on true events. The story is about a newlywed couple recovering from an accident that puts the wife (Rachel McAdams as Paige) in a coma. She wakes up with severe memory loss and her husband (Channing Tatum as Leo) works to win her heart again. 
The movie is fun, emotional, sad and happy. It is a nice movie, bittersweet in a good way. Some parts are unpredictable which is always good. It would definitely appeal to all romantics =)

I like the actors in the film and even if the storyline is somewhat familiar, we both like it. Coz I am one of those crazy people who believes that if two people are meant for each other, nothing can keep them apart =)

Pic from iPhone App, PhotoFind 
We went to Vue cinema in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth. We've never been inside this cinema before because we don't watch movies that often, not to mention the 31-minute drive from our home. But since we wanted to try one of the new restaurants here, we decided to come and give it a go. 

We were there early since we drove straight to Gunwharf after dropping Poj off to nursery, hence the empty lobby. I don't know what time they start selling tickets in the booths but were told that you could buy tickets from these automatic ticketing machines, or online or from the food counter. We had an Orange Wednesday 241 voucher (2 tickets for the price of 1 provided by our mobile provider, Orange every Wednesday) so we had to pay for our tickets at the food counter. 

We gave the popcorn a miss but was almost tempted to buy some sweets. It was only because I could not decide which ones I like the most that I opted to not have any - yes, sometimes I  find it hard to make the easiest decisions =) 

The staff were polite and very helpful. They also told us that they could validate our parking ticket, reducing our fee to only £1.70 for 4 hours instead of £5.50. 
The Vue has 16 cinemas. We were in Cinema 11, it was very clean inside and it smells nice too. All the chairs are spacious and offers wide legroom. The VIP seats such as the one shown in the picture are specially comfy with it's soft leather cover and offers the best view in the room. 

All in all we had a lovely and romantic movie date... more, more, more (Papa E, are you reading this? lol)


  1. i can't remember our last date too, simula yan ng may ethan na kami.

  2. Thanks for sharing, sarap ng feeling pag medyo matagal bago nasundan ang huling date ano po?? parang  mga bagong bf at gf ba ang tema?? hmmmm joke..:) I enjoyed reading po... Salamat..:)

  3. hahaha..laoka ka talaga sis may kulang where's your sweet pix?? sana pose kayo wala namang tao sa lobby yung parang magka love oh sana gaya nyo yung pose ng poster sa movie..kilig ang sis Krizzy..wahhhhh inggit ako *sniff sniff* hahaha ;0

  4. jaidyleen iglesias4 March 2012 at 02:08

    nice. dapat talaga kahit magasawa na kayo eh nagdedate pa rin kayo kapag may pagkakataon. =D

  5. the last time hubby and I went on a movie date was monthS ago! We watched The Adventure of TinTin :-D very romantic haha!  I'm glad you enjoyed your well deserved movie night with your hubby!  The movie theater looks really nice :)

    Spanish Pinay

  6. how sweet naman.  wish I could do it with my husband. Kaya lang he really love to be at home with instead. So for us, we only watch film on tv. He he. 

  7. Sige na panoorin ko na ang the vow. Naalala ko yung Fifty First Date, tawa ako ng tawa dun, pero hanga ako sa determination nila to both keep their love strong imagining they have to do the same thing everyday.

    Women are rally fickle minded and i can relate. I can't explain why are we always torn between two decisions.  Tapos 16 cinemas with 2 tickets for the price of one tapos meron pang discount sa parking fee. Hay sarap jan. Comfy pa yung chair sa cinema. Although yung ibang cinemas developmed na din like SM ganyan na din ang ibang chairs. Pero panalo pa din ang ATC, hehehehe.

  8. I heard that movie is good. You know I love romantic films, so I definitely watch this. Awww... I miss movie date with Jed. It's been a long time. 

    Next time your having trouble  deciding which sweets to eat...ask me. hehe.. Sana marami pa kayong movie date ni Papa E in the future. Ang saya diba parang gf-bf pa lang.. nakakabata.. hehe.. Bakit ganun ang dami nyong discounts and freebies. Dito sa Philippines inuugat ka na sa mobile provider mo ni free load wala ka.. urgh.. I'm happy for you sis.. :)

  9. Ang cute nyo naman po ni Papa E. :) I'm glad that your leave was well spent with the nice movie date.  I also wanted to watch The Vow but work is eating up my time so hope I can watch it sometime in the future. The plot looks very good, kinda reminds me of 50 first dates.  :)

  10. i am downloading the movie now. i hope  i get a good quality:-)... more dates to come!

  11. The last movie we watched inside the movie house was Transformers 2. Wahahha. 
    Super love ko yang movie na yan ni Channing. Khit cinema copy plng pinanood ko tlaga. hihihi :)

  12. naks date! kainggit! i haven't seen this movie yet, since romcom nut din ako, i'd go see it one of these days. besides, crush ko si channing tatum hehe... ang cute naman may dispenser ng ticket, sana may ganyan na din dito.

  13. hi kristeta! =) i've read your comment on my blog that you make delicious raspberry cheesecake, can you please share your recipe? i'm sure eveyone's glad to know too. thankyou! =)


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