Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Birthday, A Very Late Post

This post is mega late, ayoko na nga sanang ipost but I really wanted to thank my friends and writing a blog post is the best way I know how...

Ang isa pa atang hindi mapipigilan ay ang pagtanda! Yours truly celebrated her birthday with friends a few weeks ago.  We went to Gunwharf Quays to check out the bargains and had lunch at Water Margin, a Chinese buffet restaurant. 

Here we are at the restaurant lobby while we wait for the rest of the gang to arrive. 

I just love the smiles of the 3 chikitings =)

Buying everyone lunch is definitely less hectic than cooking everything at home =) 

And here's Tita Celine na late nang dumating for lunch, busy sa shopping? =)

And since may dala kaming toy cars for the boys, they were quite happy to just play together after they have finished and left the adults to carry on with our lunch and kwentuhan, good boys =)

Thanks to everyone for the greetings, so blog, twitter, text, email, cards and for the gifts. It's lovely to be remembered on my special day =)

These are so sweet. My friends must know that I love flowers! The top one was from my best friend from the Philippines. The box of flowers arrived as a surprise. I remember reading the enclosed card and smelling the freesias and felt special =) Thanks bff Oliver for the gorgeous flowers.

The other bouquet was from my partner at work. She is the sweetest! I was about to go home when she stopped me and handed these to me. She has put them in a pot of water at work and I didn't even notice it, duh! Sign of getting old? Thanks Danielle.
The house was filled by these gorgeous flowers for weeks, I loved it! 

I also love the Carbtree hand lotion collection, I love all things Crabtree, Thanks El & Merc! 
And the Coach wristlet is beautiful, Che & Tantan. I am looking forward to using it =) I was unable to take a photo of the handwash/lotion set you gave me Celine, ginamit ko na kasi, hehe =)

Papa E & Poj gave me a new pair of sunglasses after I lost my old one. Thank you so much =)

And in case anyone's wondering where I am, I'm either too busy taking photos or too busy eating my Chinese, lol =)


  1. May celebrant ka rin pala like my daughter :) Happy happy birthday! Looks like you had fun with the gang! Wishing you all the things that your heart desires :)

  2. nako why did i miss your birthday?! oh my god i'm so sorry sis! anyway i hope you don't mind my super late greeting but sis, happy birthday! wish ko sayo, baby girl! hehehe...

  3. Krizzy_kalokangPinay29 May 2012 at 02:31

    Hello M, thanks. Actually April 28 pa yung birthday ko. Si Poj ang May kapareho ng daughter mo =) Thanks a lot for the greetings =)

  4. Krizzy_kalokangPinay29 May 2012 at 02:33

    I think I was too pre-occupied with Papa E's birthday and our Disney trip last april that I forgot to post this and was left in the draft folder, kaloka! Tumatanda?
    No worries sis, thanks for the greeting and wish! haha, although I'm not sure kung matutuwa si Papa e sa wish mo, lol =)

  5. naku why not naman sis? don't you guys want a baby girl hehe...

  6. Krizzy_kalokangPinay29 May 2012 at 03:11

    haha! at the mo it's more like not wanting another baby.... too old! haha!

  7. Ligaya v. Bugten29 May 2012 at 05:53

    Belated happy birthday and you have Such a Nice day with family and friends and very touching gifts naman ang flowers and the other gifts.

  8. belated happy birthday! your friends are so sweet. =)

  9. awww. that was a nice birthday celeb indeed! sarap talaga pag napapaligiran ng family and friends!  You so deserve this and more, sis. You are one sweet lady :)

    Spanish Pinay

  10. Mas maganda ganito Birthday celebration kesa sa inuman na nagiging tradisyon na sa atin ^_^

  11. hahaha..hinahanap nga kita sis Krizzy..belated Happy Birthday sis *hugs*.. never mind the age sis..it is just a number.. so let us do something to look and feel young hehehe..visiting you ;)

  12. Happy belated birthday! Ang ganda ng mga flowers! I love the sunglasses!

  13. I'm about to ask : san ka na naman? haha.. Belated happy birthday sis. I was late sa greetings last time. Sign of aging din. kalurks. Ang ganda ng mga flowers. My heart also skip a beat when I received your card and present for me. thanks sis. May we both grow old beautiful and happy. hehe..

  14. Krizzy_kalokangPinay30 May 2012 at 00:51

    Hay naku sis, kaya kapag may family na kayo ni Jed make sure na kukuha din sya ng mga pics! Kundi lagi kang wala sa mga photos, lol!
    You're welcome sis. Maliit na bagay lang, na-stress ako magpadala dahil sa nangyari kay Sey, 
    Thanks for the wish, i like =)

  15. Krizzy_kalokangPinay30 May 2012 at 00:52

    Thanks anney.  =)

  16. Krizzy_kalokangPinay30 May 2012 at 00:53

    Awww, thanks sis =)

  17. jaidyleen iglesias30 May 2012 at 13:27

    belated happy birthday po. nawala ako sa blogsphere kaya di kita nabati. sorry..anyway..ganda ng mga flower!at poj is really cute. gusto ko siya hintayin hehehe belated happy birthday po ulit.

  18. May mas late pa dyan, ako nga kakapost ko lang e April yung birthday ko hahaha! Ang clear ng mga litrato mong kuha, sis if you don't mind ano camera mo?

  19. Krizzy_kalokangPinay1 June 2012 at 00:30

    Thanks =) 
    Ako rin medyo pasingit-singit na lang pagboblog, medyo busy. 
    haha, sige sabihin ko sa kanya, hehe

  20. Krizzy_kalokangPinay1 June 2012 at 00:31

    April din birthday ko sis, haha! 
    Sis, lahat ng pics sa post kong ito  puro iPhone4S lang gamit ko =)

  21. Hi Krizzy! Ang tagal kong di nadalaw dito, sensya naman, gumawa kase ko ng bago blog (www.thepinaywanderer.com) at medyo napabayaan na ang original ko, hehe. Saw you again, di na nga lang sa blog kundi sa instagram, ganda ng mga photos mo dun (instagram) esp. the flowers. Anyways, belated happy birthday, God bless you more this year and the years to come. :)

  22. Krizzy_kalokangPinay4 June 2012 at 00:22

    Awww, thanks hun. Ako rin naman laging absent dito so ok lang yun. Thanks for sharing the link to your new blog, I shall visit you there soon. Thanks for visiting my Instagram photos =)

  23. Alam kong super late na po ang greetings ko pero babati pa rin po ako ng belated happy birthday :)

  24. Krizzy_kalokangPinay5 June 2012 at 02:31

    Maraming salamat =)


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