Saturday, 31 December 2011

Looking Back

Before I start the New Year I would like to look back and celebrate 2011 once more. It's actually easy to do this because I started this year with a blog. I started blogging again without any expectations. I just wanted to have a little bubble where I could write what I want and have our experiences logged somewhere. I never thought that i would learn a lot of new things, travel to beautiful places through other's blogs & more importantly, meet new friends. 
2011 has been a great year. Syempre may mga challenges but it's the happy times that I remember the most:
 I met lovely people through blogging and made friends as well =) 
 I gained a lot more confidence with my baking this year and I'm hoping to try out more recipes next year. 

Our Auntie Ross visited us this year. She only stayed with us for a week, but we enjoyed her company tremendously. 
Pic from my May post, Tuloy ang pasyal ni Auntie

We bought a Merlin Pass this year (at a bargain price!) and had a blast visiting different parks such as the Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland & Alton Towers. We also went on the London Eye & visited the London SeaLife. Mega sulit specially during summer & Poj had a blast as they all offered a lot for toddlers. 
Photo from my October post, The Sea Life London Aquarium 

Poj celebrated his 2nd birthday in May. This is also the year when he got hooked on Thomas and Friends. He moved to his own bed and was potty trained this year. We saw his personality shine even more, got to know him more, his likes & dislikes. His love for music is more obvious, he plays his toy guitar and piano while he sings and dance to songs. And he still loves his books & seems to enjoy it more now that he knows his numbers, alphabet & shapes. And he to exerts his independence a lot more, too!

This is another year when we became closer as a couple. The challenges we encountered this year brought us closer together and having Jace glued us more as a family. We thank God for the gift of family, friends and good health. Goodbye 2011 and here's to a better, brighter and healthier 2012!

W The Old Year has gone.  Let the dead past bury its own dead.   The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time.   All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!  ~Edward Payson Powell

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Party 2011

We were all friends during our UST hospital days and would go out and celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts. We are fortunate that almost all of us are here in the UK and we are able to carry on with our yearly tradition. We would usually spend the day at someone's house with lots of food, stories and gifts. We had great fun hosting the party last year & looked forward to partying at Che & George's house this year. And sure enough, we all went home with gifts in our hands, smiles on our faces and a full belly!

Here we are getting a number for our yearly secret Santa

Everyone was happy with their little pressies! 
Group pics
food, cakes, gifts, & lots of cuddles =)
We are thankful for all the food and gifts but most of all for the friendship! Merry Christmas to everyone! =)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Our Christmas Tree is Up

It feels that I have been away for ages! I have been busy with Poj, work, Christmas stuff and gadget issues. I'm happy to share that I'm still busy with Poj =) but my work assignment is back in track, Christmas gifts are all wrapped up & are happily sitting under the tree, Christmas party is now finished, my iMac is now fixed and I only have one gadget issue left - one that I'm too tired with that I don't even want to go there!

And now that my computer is back, I can update my blog and catch up on what I've been missing with my blogger friends.

One of the things we've been up to is finding our perfect Christmas tree for this year.

Erick & I have been together for a long time but never bothered putting up a Christmas tree. But we decided to change our ways and get one last year for Poj's 2nd Christmas. We enjoyed decorating it so much plus it made the house a lot more Christmassy.
This year, Poj knows a bit more about Christmas, we've started introducing it to him and I just found out that his nursery is doing the same.
We picked him up one night and he's been saying I want a Christmas tree!

It's handy that there's a small tree farm close to his nursery. We drove there in the morning and Poj helped choose our tree for this year. We opted fot a smaller tree which was not only cheaper but fits our  humble home much better. 

I decided on 'recycling' as the theme for this year. I used some of the lovely cards we received last year plus our some of our old baubles. This theme followed with all the Christmas gifts as well. We didn't buy any wrappers and used leftover from previous Christmasses.

We wish everyone a very merry and meaningful Christmas =)

Monday, 21 November 2011

My Little Baker

For those following my blog long enough would know that I love to bake. And super saya ko naman when this weekend little Poj asked if he could help me. Of course little man! Let's bake away, is what I said to him.
I always try to rescue our overripe bananas by baking Banana bread which is always popular sa aking mag-Ama. 
Poj usually just watch whenever I cook or bake but this time he wanted to get his hands dirty. And I'm one to encourage him in whatever he wants to do/learn kaya go, go go =)
He was really interested and everytime I add a new ingredient he'll ask 'Ina, what's that?" I also let him decide how much raisins and walnuts he wanted. Thank goodness he didn't go overboard coz I'm not a big fan of raisins, lol. And because we always tell him whenever we cook that he needs to behave because we are busy, kaya nung araw na yun sabi din nya, "Ama, busy si Jace!" kalerky!

I let him watch me put it in the oven and explained the process to him. We set the time together and told him the timer will go off as soon as our cake is done. 

I think it was easy for him to understand coz they play 'kitchen' at nursery plus  he was given a toy kitchen for Christmas last year. And he still enjoys playing with it now.

  The smile on his face was priceless when I showed him his cake. I gave it to him when it was cool enough to touch. 

Here he is, imitating Ina wearing his own oven gloves, =)


And as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and I think my little baker is pleased! 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sunshine & Me

I am truly flattered that these two amazing gals namely, Marge of Piso Fashion and Anney of  Blog ni Ako awarded me with this tag. Thanks ladies =)

Now, let's answer these questions...

Favourite colour?

Favourite animal?
It's gotta be man's best friend =)

Favourite number?
I'm not even sure why or when I started liking it!

Favourite drink?

Facebook or Twitter?
I'm not big on social networking, but I open twitter more than FB

Baking, & I'd love to go to school to improve

Giving or getting presents?

Favourite day?
Saturday spent with my family, perfect!

Favourite flower?
My parents sell orchids & seeing these remind me of home =)

And now I am pleased to pass this on to these lovely bloggers
Lelay of Laugh with God Today
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Mathea of Lolavie
Missus Cee of Happiness 
Apple of A Taste of Apple
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Jenggai of Life's Simple Pleasures
Sie of A Life's Journey

All photos from this post are from Google PicSearch iPhone app.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Treats

I haven't baked anything for a while and was looking for an inspiration. Buti na lang andyan si anney of Blog ni Ako who is never short of clever and inspiring ideas of things to make for chikitings and adults alike. Na-inspire naman ang lola at hinalukay ang baol ng inbox  for cake recipes that Ive saved to my 'to try one day' folder. 

I'm not holding or attending any Halloween party this year but that's no reason to miss out on treats, right?

So here they are folks, my home made Halloween Chocolate chip cupcakes 

and my take on Haunted Graveyard cake =)

 Little Poj couldn't wait to try the cakes but was nice enough to indulge me and smiled for the camera =)

My Cutie little Devil =)

Treats that await trick or treaters 

Happy Halloween everyone!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lymington, New Forest

It was nearly lunchtime when my boys were finished with their haircut. (Opo, nainggit si Papa E kay Poj kaya nagpagupit na rin sya, hehe =) And since it was such a beautiful sunny Saturday, we've decided to stay in the area, Lymington. Papa E works here twice a week and knows the area pretty well. We don't come here very often coz it is 18miles away from our house. But the place is really beautiful & I love it.

We walked along the town centre looking for a place to eat but decided to head for the marina and eat alfresco to take advantage of the sunny day. The walk took longer because we kept stopping at the stalls of the town's Saturday market. It looks like the bazaar we have at home and they sell pretty much everything, from fresh produce to baked products, clothes, shoes, toys etc. Everything looks lovely but we stopped ourselves as it's never a good idea to shop on an empty stomach.

We were drawn to the Seafayre Seafood coz there were quite a few people in the queue. We liked the look of the crab baguette and tuna sandwich so we settled on those. Armed with our lunch we started our short walk along the cobbled street to the marina. We picked a bench and enjoyed our lunch & the view. And though it was sunny there was a chill in the air and the hot chocolate gave us the warmth that we needed. There were a lot of people & most of them were friendly, even stopping for a quick chat whilst they wait for the boat to take them on a short cruise around the Isle of Wight. Poj loved the crab baguette, but Papa E & i thought it was interesting, but a tad too fishy for out taste.

We stayed at the marina until Poj got bored then moved to our next stop (but not before we had some ice cream, hehe). 
We then went to Hatchet Pond at the New Forest. The idea was to relax, lay down the picnic blanket maybe read a book while the boys play in the pond or admire horses and donkeys. But Poj fell asleep in the car so we took off after I took some photos. Maybe next time 'ey?  =)

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