Saturday, 22 October 2011

First Haircut

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Poj is now 2 years & 4 months old but has never had a proper haircut till today! Yes, his Ama wanted him to have long hair - ewan, frustration nya siguro yun, hehe. But recently, his hair has been poking his eyes and he's getting really annoyed with it. So I've put my foot down and said that he's having a hair cut this weekend.
So we went to this hair shop in Lymington named His and Kids. We were greeted by their friendly staff when we walked in. I like the clean and simple interiors and the smiley staff. Poj loves the TV with the Lion design =) They handed Poj a toy straight away and and asked him what he wanted to watch (they have an impressive collection of kiddie DVDs). He of course chose Thomas and Friends. I was surprised when he just agreed to sit on the chair, wore stylist apron without a fuzz and allowed the lady to touch his hair. The hairdresser started combing his hair then took out her scissors, at this point Poj was too engaged in his movie to notice. Ang dami ng ginupit sa kanya pero deadma pa rin, kalerky!

Before we knew it, the lady was done. Poj was a gold star customer! He wad awarded with a Well Done sticker and a certificate. She also put a bit of his hair in a small envelope for us.
The only time he realised his hair was shorter was when we went to the washroom and he saw himself in the full length mirror - he giggled and said 'oh Ina, short hair,'  Ngek! Di pa pala nya alam na ginupitan sya nung sinabi nya sa mga hair sa floor "Ina, daming kalat!"
I assured him that he just had a hair cut =)

Before & After


  1. Fresh and stunning ang look ni baby Poj ah! Hahaha, natawa naman ako sa reaction niya. Walang kamalay-malay. Dapat pala sis may DVD's ka din ng Thomas and Friends. Buti hindi siya umiyak ng makita niyang short hair na siya.

  2. cute ni Poj sis,so adorable with his before and after pic.buti naman at hindi violent reaction after he saw his new haircut.hehe! si hubby din prefer nya kay Xian ang long hair, regular trim lang kapag medyo mahaba na. :D

  3. wow, naaliw naman ako dito kay poj. Sobrang nadala sa pinanood nya, nawala na sa sarili haha.. he look's even cuter on his new hair cut. I like the idea of certificate. It's so cool. :)

  4. wow well-behaved habang ginugupitan, mabait na bata ang iyong baby Poj, karapatdapat sa certificate. :))

  5. ok yang certificate ha. congrats on your first hair cut. =)

  6. how cute! may certificate pa talaga! by the way sis, i'm tagging you, you can check it out here, hi ate beth, musta na? ni-tag nga pala kita sa blog ko, you can check it out here,

  7. First haircuts are always memorable... He's so cute :)

  8. I remember my kid's first haircut. He was just over a year old so he cried a lot. Kasi naman, we requested for mohawk haircut! He got scared of the electronic razor :D

  9. Hala! nag first haircut na si Poj hahah so cute naman! pogi pogi! i remember when my kids was having their first haircut, talagang nagwawala sila at super iyak...hehhe..Good boy Poj!

  10. ang sushal ng haircut ni little boy at may cert pa. hehe. :) mukhang happy happy sya na mas pogi sya ngayon. binata na si poj!

  11. Ang cute mo talaga mag smile Poj! pakurot nga! hihihi! bagay na bagay ang new haircut!

  12. @Sey, Thanks sis. I think he prefers it short, tumutusok na kasi sa mata nya eh. Hay sis, I've got Thomas recorded in our Sky box already plus he could watch it online. Ganyan lang talaga sya ka-addict dun, hehe =)

    @Mommy Jo, Thanks sis. Baka yung mga susunod iti-trim ko na lang. =)

    @Mayen, thanks ah. ako din, i think it's a great touch, may nakastaple pang envelope na may konting hair nya. =)

    @meow & michi, thanks a lot =)

    @Marge, thanks sis. I'll get on it asap, promise =)

    @Pepperific Life, thanks. and thanks a lot for dropping by =)

    @IndieEscape, haha, mohawk? that's cool! Kaso i can imagine the razor being a bit too much for a little boy!

    @Mathea, Thanks sis. Kami din bilib sa pagkakalma nya sa pagpapagupit =)

    @Missus Cee, Naku, oo nga ang bilis naman lumaki ng baby ko!

    @Anney, thanks sis, nanibago ako nung una pero ngayon sanay na ako sa iksi ng hair nya =)

  13. so cute...ang galing ng strategy:) they just let the child watch dr fave movie cartoon para hindi magalaw:)

    Ang pogi naman nya!

  14. Congrats on your new haircut, Poj! And for being well-behaved :)

  15. hahaha..he is so cute..good thing he didn't 3 year old..I usually do his hair cut because he got so scared with a barber holding scissors he would say monster are so blessed Kristeta..such a wonderful kid.Stay happy and hugs for your kid..magandang gabi ;)

  16. Hello there...knock knock! haha! just got from Mayen's blog to yours.. may post kase siya about an award from you.

    About your post.. nakulitan lang ako kase AMA and INA ang tawag sa inyo ng baby mo.. although nanjan kayo sa what I observed is another country.. hehehe.. ang cute lang... at ang cute ng baby mo... :)

    walang hassle sa pag gupit! basta may thomas and friends!!! :) cutee!!!! :)

    Have a nice one!! :)

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