Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Sea Life London Aquarium

The London Eye and The Sea Life London Aquarium
 We've been to London many times and have been on the London Eye for 4 times already but have never entered the huge building near it. So when a friend invited us for a birthday dinner in London, we  thought it was our chance to visit the aquarium. 
There was already a long queue at the entrance when we got there at around 1030am. Luckily we have a Merlin Annual Pass so could go straight in.  The attraction was extremely popular so it was expected that there would be a lot of people. 
Poj loves his book titled Smiley Shark which featured a shark and other fish as well, and we knew he would love to see them swim in the water. 

The London Aquarium is one of Europe's largest display of global aquatic life. The glass tunnel walkway encased in a gigantic skeleton was pretty impressive. I was even more impressed that Poj was not scared at all of the huge fish even when they come near the glass. 

They have over 500 species from every part of the world, more than 40 sharks from 12 different species, 14 themed zones over 3 floors and 2 million litres of water. The place is massive! We know we have to go back when Poj is a little bit older to get a chance to interact with the animals at their interactive public feeding and diving displays. 

They also have 30 species of plants and foliage...
Poj loved Nemo and Dory!

Their newest attraction proved to be a hit most especially with little Poj, the Penguins Ice Adventure.  They have put interactive features such as freezing touch pools and they had decorated the area to make the area look and feel similar to their natural habitat. 

Poj had a blast at one of the ice caves 
my boys looking really charmed by the cute penguins

There are obviously a lot more to explore which we've saved for next time. And hopefully I learn to take photos in low light to get better pictures for next time. My little one can't stop looking back, he had a great time! =)


  1. OhmiGod! nakita ko nanaman ang London Eye. Naiiyak nanaman ako pero I'm not losing hopes. I'll see you there soon. Para narin naman kaming nakapunta sa London for your great pictures. Look at Poj, he can't help looking back. So cute.

    Hey sis, now pa lang mag-search na ako ng Japanese restaurants, hahaha!

  2. Ganda ng Autumn background sis, sarap sa mata.

  3. Haha! You always have that reaction pagnakikita mo ang London Eye. That's good, inaantay ka na nga namin eh!
    Yup, enjoy nga sya lalo na nung makakita ng penguins.

    Thanks, i posted 3 more autumn pics sa previous post ko...

  4. naku sis pag nakita mo ko in person kung ano ang reaction ko matatawa ka. hahahaha! Naalala ko tulo kung gaano ka-special ang mga Penguins kasi hindi tulad ng ibang animals, minsan lang sila makipag-mate in their lifetime. Hehehe, pag nagkita kami ni Poj, mag-uusap kami about animals, baka mas marami pang alam si Poj sa kin. Someday siya na tour guide ko!

  5. Sey, Uy wag naman ganun katagal! 2 pa lang si Poj ah =) dapat pagpunta mo dito Tita ka ni nya at kayong dalawa ang ipapasyal ko =)

  6. naku sis baka pagdating ko jan Lola na ako ni Poj dahil sa sobrang tagal. Syempre naman, now pa lang tita na niya ako! hehehe!

    Sana, hopefully Tita sey ang i-tour niyo, at hindi Lola Sey. hahaha

  7. my son loves penguins, matutuwa siya pag makita niya yan. wala dito nyan e, sa singapore zoo na yata pinakamalapit. hehe!

  8. Ang cute ng mga penguins! Pero mas cute si Poj dun sa picture na nakanganga sya o! hihihi!

  9. @Sey, ano ka ba, diba positive thinking? =)

    @michi, the penguins were popular amongst the kids and the kids at heart =)

    @anney, haha, thanks ah. di ba ma-contain ang galak? =)

  10. you have good photos. i especially love the picture of the turtles (5th photo).

    and your baby obviously had a blast. wish can see those in person too. :)

  11. I thought Poj was one of the penguins on his picture with mouth wide open... I had to look twice! LOL I kid, I kid! He's totally adorable on that picture!

    You know, one day, one day... we'll have to pay you a visit :) one day! (I'm shouting that out hoping that it will really come true :-D)

    Spanish Pinay

  12. @ apple, thanks ah. He did have a great time =)

    @ Spanish Pinay, hi sis. namiss kita ah. It would happen, I know it will =)

  13. Practice makes perfect. The pictures are great because you were able to capture those "kodak moments". It shows that your mag-ama really had a great time :)

  14. cutie Poj! obviously he really had a great time,sume-second look pa talaga oh! hehe. Xian loves Nemo and Dory :)

  15. Poj is so cute. i love his pictures. at kelan naman kaya ako makakapunta ng London? hahah..dream on. thanks for the wonderful pics.

  16. oh wow it looks really nice. we got the ocean park here kaso maliit and of course walang penguins hahaha...

  17. who took the pics? your camera is really nice... and the view of course. im sure the kid enjoyed too much.

  18. @Em, they did. I know i just need more practice... hay kulang sa time! =)

    @Mommy Jo, Oh Nemo was really popular with the kids, most specially with toddlers! =)

    @Mathea, thanks ah. nothing is impossible. Dati pinanood ko lang ang Nothing Hill and said I want to go there. and here i am! =)

    @Marj, malay mo soon idagdad din nila. The penguin ice adventure is a new attraction, may lang ata nagbukas. =)

    @ Missus Cee, I took all pics on this post, basta may watermark kuha ko then pagwala i got them from picsearch app from iPhone. Thanks =)

  19. wow, ang ganda naman dyan. love ko talaga ang under water view. look at poj super happy talaga. hehe.. :)

  20. Oh WOW! So cute the penguins. I dream of watching them in their natural habitat one day. Sigh.

  21. @mayen, glad to see you here, na miss ka ng blog ko, hehe =)

    @Pinay Travel Junkie, they are really cute =)


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