Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Autumn is here...

from Exbury Gardens UK

The summer has been up and down with the sun shining bright one day then rainy the next. Then we were blessed with 2 gloriously sunny weeks at the end of September when autumn has supposedly  arrived. 

It has been looking a lot more like Autumn within the last week though. Short, wet & dark days are here. So out with the summer clothes and it's time to dig out our coats, scarves, gloves and winter clothes as we know it goes downhill from here.

from Hillier's Garden
But I suppose the beginning of fall is not too bad. The leaves turn to red and yellow which adds colour & makes the surrounding picturesque. It is when all the leaves have fallen off the trees that i feel a bit down.... It all looks gloomy and sad and foreign, reminding me I'm thousands of miles away from home.

But never mind, this is the path we've chosen and these are all part of the deal. At least there's the Internet, email, Skype and soon iMessage to help bridge the distance between ourselves and our family. =)

I hope everyone's having a better October and I'm praying that that's it for typhoons for everyone in the Philippines... 


  1. sis, i love to experience autumn...very colorful ang paligid. hehe!

  2. Sana may autumn sa Pinas. Ang ganda ganda niya.

    Fickle Cattle

  3. I love the views of Spring and autumn, ganun yata pag taga pinas ka :). thanks for the comment dear, i'm feeling better now. sana ikaw din. kisses!

  4. sana may autumn din dito..=)


  5. autumn autum-man din ang theme ng blog. cute! :)

    inggit. sa ibang bansa nga kami pero init at ulan pa din. hehe.

  6. Hey there kababayan! I just started following your blog. I love fellow Filipino's blogs. :-)

    A Ladybug's Life


  7. hello! all the shots were nice. sana may autumn din dito sa Pinas at kahit man lang winter. is it your dream to go abroad? me too if given a chance.

    now following yeah hope you could follow me too. have a nice day ahead. and GOD BLESS.

    here's my url mr837.blogspot.com...

    dropping some ♥

  8. Love the autumn layout! It's my fave season, nature's got all sorts of earth hues all around :)

  9. I love fall! Yun nga lang wala dito pero gustong gusto ko sya ma experience at makapag pa picture pag orange na talaga yung kulay ng mga dahon. Gandang ganda talaga ako at isa sa dream ko yang fall experience!

  10. @ Michi, hi sis, oo nga, minsan may madadaanan ka parang post card =)

    @ Fickle Catle & Macy, oo nga pero baka di kayanin ng iba ang lamig nito lalo na ang kasunod na winter....

    @ mathea, glad to hear that...

    @ Missus Cee, haha, baligtad, kami naman pag ganito namimiss ang mainit, hehe

    @ Mommy Jo, thanks sis

    @ Brownbugz thanks a lot

    @ Albert, thanks ah. It was never my dream to begin with but like all things, it changed... Good luck sa plans mo, Saan mo gustong pumunta?

    @ Christian, syempre naman =)

    @ Pinay Travel Junkie, thanks for stopping by

    @ anney, it is beautiful... and im sure pagnaexperience mo you'll take lots of lovely pics with your family =)

  11. wow...ang ganda!!!! i just love the colors!

  12. I've always wanted to experience autumn and winter. Perfect for photo ops. =)

  13. @ thanks asiong =)

    @The Average Jane, the early part of autumn is =)


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