Saturday, 1 October 2011

Potty Training Made Easy

When Poj had his 2-year development check his health visitor talked me through potty training. She said he is at the right age and assured me that it should be straight forward and stress free so long as we do it with a relaxed approach. 

She told me to start the potty training only if Poj was already saying if he needs the toilet  or if he has a wet nappy - check.  Then ask him to sit on a potty and start only if he is happy to sit on one.  We took him to Mothercare, showed him the different potties on display and I asked him to choose one. He chose the one he likes and sat on it, yey! So that's another check =) I just need to speak to his carers and we're all set.
It goes "Vroom Vroom" when you flush the potty
The carers were very supportive and assured me that they would help with the training. They asked me if we could provide pull up nappies for Poj which they assured me would greatly help with the training. 

The health visitor told me to set a goal and if he is not trained within this time that we stop, have a break then start over again. She assured me that a 2-3 week goal is realistic.  She told me that it would be easier if he does not wear diapers and just make Poj sit on the potty every 45-60 minutes, if he does something to give him BIG praises - so lots & lots of "well done" "hurray" & clapping. If he does not do anything - NR lang dapat (No Reaction),  and do the same if there are any accidents,  don't get mad - kasi the child would become tensed and would make the process harder. 

And the most important advice - give Poj a reward after every success. I bought him a box of Chuggington train stickers ( I could not find Thomas & Friends stickers for the life of me!). 

We did all these and on the 3rd day have seen great progress already. He only had 2 "accidents" which happened on the 1st week, he was trained at the end of week 2. He refused to wear nappies at home after week 3 even at night. Now I don't have to take him every hour, he would just tell me if he needs to go. He does not ask for stickers anymore, though I've got plenty ( I didn't think it would be straight forward so i bought a box of 200 stickers! ).

We went out of town for the first time since he was trained, it was a bit of a challenge. He would ask for the toilet whilst we were in the middle of the motorway, so we have to stop in the emergency shoulder - so out with the potty as he refuse to wet his trousers. We went swimming as well this weekend and he assured me that he would tell me - don't want nappy daw. Yeah, we had to go every 2 hours or so, but thank goodness - no accidents! 

Now he does not use his potty anymore. He prefers to use the adult toilet and we only attach the detachable toilet seat from his potty.  And he uses the potty as a step stool. We are lucky to have excellent carers who helped with the training (Poj goes to nursery 3 days per week) their consistency helped a great deal. 

And as a reward, we bought him Thomas briefs when we went to Thomas Land. We are so  proud of you our little Jace =)


  1. wee!!!!!! goodbye pampies! nice training mommy kris

  2. I am so proud of Baby Poj as well. hahaha, very supportive din ako. Sayang hindi ako nakapag-Cheer pero ang galing ni Poj. And Crush ko yung potty niya "Cars". Pero walang tatalo sa Thomas and Friends....choooo-chooooo!

    Ang galing ng potty training napabilib ako. Walang hassle kay Poj. He is such a great baby boy!

  3. wow, goodbye diapers na si poj, congrats! =)

  4. @lelay Thanks sis =) Oo nga, tipid na ng konti, haha!

    @Sey Thanks sis, ang cute mo talaga =) May Thomas na potty kaso walang may flush na may sound, hehe. Thanks ulit sis =)

    @michi Thanks sis! Oo nga eh, big boy na daw sya! =)

  5. tipid na sis, no more diaper na. :) taray may checklist pa talaga. go go go Poj! big boy na.

  6. wow,that's nice.good job poj! :) ang cute ng potty chair,75% potty-trained pa lang si Xian,hopefully before he turns 3 bye-bye diaper na totally.

  7. super cute naman ang baby stuff ngayong panahon, :))

  8. ang sosyal naman ng potty na yan, parang nakakahinayang gamitin hahaha...

  9. Good job, Poj! I actually bought a potty seat for Jacob already, thinking I could already potty train him. I could naman and a lot of babies are potty-trained at an early age rin, if I work really hard and be consistent with the time of going to the bathroom, etc. That's the thing though, I can't be consistent for now. Hahaha!

    We will take our time with this one though. I don't want to force something to my son when he can't even say 'Mom' yet! Pano pa kaya "poop" or "pee"! :D

    Follow me, sis! :D I bookmarked you on my browser lang. Can't find your GFC eh.


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