Tuesday, 27 September 2011

After the Atlantis ride...

 Because it was summer and the sun sets just after 9pm, we still had a lot of time to enjoy Legoland.  We had lunch after the Atlantis Submarine Voyage, then Poj and Papa E decided to try the Dino Safari ride. Poj waved goodbye to me as he honked his horn... he loves these trucks coz he feels that he's driving it himself. 
Orient Expedition

The next stop is the Oriental Expedition. We never miss this ride whenever we visit Legoland. It's a long train that goes around the park, it's a great way to see the lovely landscape full of Lego wild animals. But watch out, there are a lot of displays that squirts water, so you may get wet! Poj thinks it's hilarious! 

Duplo Land
This ride is Poj's favorite, the Duplo train. He's back in the queue as soon as they open the door when the ride has finished. We have to convinced him to try the other rides, lol =)
Duplo train
 My favorite is the Fairy tale brook. It is a gentle boat trip where they have a Lego display of different Fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and Aladdin to name a few. 
Fairy tale Brook

Feel na feel ni Poj & he's even wearing a LCPD cap =)

Bless him, he didn't think they were treasures, he thought they were sweets!
 I'm really surprised that he agreed to get on this ride, Aero Nomad. It's a kiddy ferris wheel which gives you a birds-eye view of the park. We were lucky that there was a Lego-adventurer in our gondola, Poj was totally amazed by it that he didn't notice how high from the ground we were. 

And here he is giving us the approve sign that he enjoyed that ride!  
The Lego Mt Rushmore National Memorial was truly impressive

And on the way out of the park, just outside one of their stores is this Lego racing car. Poj gasp a big "wow" and jumped in. He thought it was awesome! 

The park is massive and you simply cannot visit all of it in one day. So whenever we go we try to explore a different section each time as well as return to Poj's favorites.


  1. wow super enjoy! :) nagiging young na din tayo sa mga trip ng kids naten. :)

    btw, i think the Lego Mt Rushmore National Memorial is truly the most impressive. ang ganda.

  2. wow i've been to Legoland California nd i enjoyed so much..especially the rollercoaster!


  3. ooh this is too cute! legoland! ang ganda nung mt. rushmore version, ang galing ng pagkagawa!

  4. made me miss EK. that's the best we have in the philippines! haha! :))

  5. What sis, sun sets at 9PM? Galing nun, kakaiba. Galing nung Mt Rushmore replica at yung formula one. Lahat maganda. Parang gusto ko din punta ng EK tulad ni Apple. hahaha!

  6. Wow looks like Poj had a good time! =)

  7. ang cute ng lego na toy, hehehe. dahil sa post mo nais kong aging bata ulit. hehe

  8. You guys really looked like had a good time. Wish there would be Legoland as well here in the Philippines. Gusto ko nga sana magcollect ng lego, but it was too expensive, :D

  9. wow <3 ang cute nyo naman. lagi kayong family day :) hello poj!

  10. Ang saya saya naman! Ang cute nung boat na sinakyan nyo.


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