Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One Lovely Blog

I would like to thank sweet Anney of Blog ni Ako for this tag. I'm sorry if it took a while, but here it is.
Random things about me:

1) I have a sweet tooth & i don't mind laboring in the kitchen for it.
homemade Coffee and Walnut cake
homemade Pavlova
2) I am a sucker for romantic comedy films. And my favorite is My Best Friend's Wedding. 
Another random fact: i've seen this movie so many times that i know almost every line! (Sad i know!)

3) i love Christmas. I love the smell of real Christmas trees, i enjoy the gift giving, family reunion & the whole magical feeling that comes with it.
Christmas 2010

4) don't ask me why but I am fascinated with bridges.
Cambridge, England

5) i love watching fireworks.
Isle of Wight, England

Cowes week, Isle of Wight

6) i love picnics. Spending an afternoon with family and friends at the park on a fine day, sharing lovely food makes me really happy. *

7) i love Pinas and i'm feeling a bit homesick at the mo ...
Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

(Number 6) *photo from pic search

And now I would like to extend this award to these amazing gals

Sey of 14th Street
Mayen of Clicks and Cuts
Marjorie of Coffeehan
Michi of Michi Photostory
Lhot of Spanish Pinay 


  1. sis, we have the same faves =) mwaaah! ( except for bridges ) alam mo naman bridges in manila- polluted na.

  2. ^ natawa naman ko sa comment mo. thanks for the tagged. natatakam na naman ko sa mga cakes mo.

  3. Wow! Homemade po talaga yung cake? Ang sarap nyo naman makasama. Hehe...

    ♥kahit kelan di ako na-fascinate sa mga bridges. Siguro kasi dahil dun sa kantang london bridge is falling down... nung bata ako pag nilalaro namin yun na-i-imagine ko sya talaga. Hehe

    (wala lang)


  4. aww. sis. congrats on this award you deserve it! thanks you sis for the tagging me. It' gives me something to think about other than you know what. Anyway, when I see cake I think of you, I know one day I'll be able to taste your homemade cake (whether you like it or not). haha..

    I am into romantic comedy too and my best friend's wedding is my favorite too.

    Oh i love Christmas. I love giving and receiving gifts and even if I won't be able to spend this Christmas with Jed, I'm still looking forward to it. I still have my friends and family!

    Those bridges are super nice.

    I love seeing fireworks too. It makes me dreamy. haha..

    My mom was from Ilocos Norte and Pagudpod is one of the best Beaches i've ever seen. I can say that it is better than those of Bohol. I'm sure miss our country no matter how beautiful London is. There's no place like home.

    at ang haba ng comment ko. Eto pala ang tinatwag ko na mala-Sey na comment. haha.. love you sis! thanks so much for everything! :)

  5. @lelay haha, don't worry ako lang ata ang nagiisang fascinated sa mga bridges eh, hehe

    @michi Thanks din & you're welcome =)

    @haze Yup, they're homemade, pero they're easy to make - yun lang ang kaya kong gawin...

    Thanks sis & you're welcome. Haha, mukha na ba akong cake? Sure, ill whip you & Sey a cake kapag nagkita tayo.
    Thanks ulit, i love long comments =)

  6. congrats sa iyong awards at sa mga awards na ipinasa mo mo ^_^ ang kyut ng baby sa xmas tree. hehehe.

  7. Cute mo talaga! :) Congratulations on the well-deserving award at thank you for thinking of me!! Grabe, been awfully busy and tired these past few days. And I can't blog properly... my eyebags? maleta na! hehe but then you surprised me with this award and made me smile so thanks much :-D

    I say "me too!" on all of the above! Including bridges. I'm fascinated by them too. I love them big and small, long and short. I also like those hanging bridges nakakatakot na nakakathrill! :-D

    I'll try to work on this award as soon as I can. Thanks again!

    p.s. you really got to post your recipe! that coffe and walnut cake looks really nice and I want to make one!!!
    p.p.s. Summer has ended. drat!

    Spanish Pinay

  8. aww.. thanks sis, touched naman ako hehe... special mention talaga kakatuwa naman :)

    may fascination ka pala sa bridge, so...like mo ba yung song na bridges by sergio mendes? hahaha... love that song.

  9. ang saya naman..congratulation po sayo.. I know you deserve the award.

    Ako din mahilig sa sweet lalo na sa chocolate. Ang saya ng bridges sana mapuntahan yong sa paris at england. mula bata pa ako pangarap kung malibot ang europe at gustong gusto kung makapunta at magwork sa paris.

    Thank you pala sa comment at pagvisit mo sa blog ko. Gusto ko din po ang romantic comedy movies at isa si Julia Roberts sa gusto kung actress pero and top 1 ko po talaga ay si drew barrymore kaya po pati email add ko ay maypangalang drew talaga.=) tc po kayo.

    it's nice knowing you here in blog sphere. Thank you po at nakilala ko kayo.

  10. I love sweets too. Unfortunately I don;t know how to bak. But I plan to learn. =)

  11. @kikilabotz Thanks =)

    @Spanish Pinay Ako din ive been busy kaya ngayon lang ulit nakapagblog. Sige, ill post the recipe for you. I'm happy to know na merong ibang may gusto ng bridges. And you're welcome, sis. You deserve it.
    Hay naku oo, maaga daw ang autumn at feeling nila matindi ang winter, boooo

    @Marjorie You're welcome,sis. You know how much i love your blog. And yes, i know that song & i love it too =)

    @pEarL thanks din ah. Naku super ang pag po mo, im starting to feel really old! I hope you could come here, im sure you'll love it =)

    @The Average Jane I cheat - by picking easy recipes, hehe =)

  12. -Sis, hindi ako masyadong mahilig sa sweet pero there were times that I crave fro them.

    -super duper fan ako ng romantic and love movies. Mga Chich flicks pero last year dedma sila sakin. hehehe

    -I love Christmas too! You know that!

    -Okay lang sakin ang bridge pero kapag mahaba siya at sobrang taas, dun ako takot.

    -I love picnics too, lalo na pag sa bundok. Ang saya nun.

    -Sis I love our country. Ang next destination namin for camping is Pagudpod. Yeheeey, sana matuloy. hahaha!

    Sis, Thanks sa Awards. I'll post them when I get the chance to blog again. Alam mo naman busy and panakaw na sandali lamang ito dahil super miss ko na kayo! hahaha! I miss our chat.

    Take care!

  13. @Sey You're welcome sis. I know how busy you are, kaya take your time. Miss our chat na rin. Pag balik mo hindi ka na busy...
    Uy Pagudpud, sana matuloy. Malayo sya pero maganda =)


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