Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lymington, New Forest

It was nearly lunchtime when my boys were finished with their haircut. (Opo, nainggit si Papa E kay Poj kaya nagpagupit na rin sya, hehe =) And since it was such a beautiful sunny Saturday, we've decided to stay in the area, Lymington. Papa E works here twice a week and knows the area pretty well. We don't come here very often coz it is 18miles away from our house. But the place is really beautiful & I love it.

We walked along the town centre looking for a place to eat but decided to head for the marina and eat alfresco to take advantage of the sunny day. The walk took longer because we kept stopping at the stalls of the town's Saturday market. It looks like the bazaar we have at home and they sell pretty much everything, from fresh produce to baked products, clothes, shoes, toys etc. Everything looks lovely but we stopped ourselves as it's never a good idea to shop on an empty stomach.

We were drawn to the Seafayre Seafood coz there were quite a few people in the queue. We liked the look of the crab baguette and tuna sandwich so we settled on those. Armed with our lunch we started our short walk along the cobbled street to the marina. We picked a bench and enjoyed our lunch & the view. And though it was sunny there was a chill in the air and the hot chocolate gave us the warmth that we needed. There were a lot of people & most of them were friendly, even stopping for a quick chat whilst they wait for the boat to take them on a short cruise around the Isle of Wight. Poj loved the crab baguette, but Papa E & i thought it was interesting, but a tad too fishy for out taste.

We stayed at the marina until Poj got bored then moved to our next stop (but not before we had some ice cream, hehe). 
We then went to Hatchet Pond at the New Forest. The idea was to relax, lay down the picnic blanket maybe read a book while the boys play in the pond or admire horses and donkeys. But Poj fell asleep in the car so we took off after I took some photos. Maybe next time 'ey?  =)


  1. sige na Sis inggit nanaman ako. Yung lugar pa lang attraction na. Ang ganda ng mga pictures mo. Pwedeng pang-postcard. Sarap nga magbasa jan, kaso baka habang nagbabasa makatulog ako, hehehe!

  2. Hi sis. Thanks, masarap nga kapag mainit... pero ngayon di na pwede, mahangin na palagi at maulan plus malamig na talaga...

  3. your last 3 pictures is so relaxing.

  4. wow the pix where so nice Kristeta..inggit ako hahaha..I am now your new follower so keep on posting and kristeta yung nakakaloka ha..hahaha..passing by sis ;) thank you for dropping by my site..I'll be back ;)

  5. ganap na ganap ka ng travel blogger, the goodpart is, family kayong nagttravel. ehehe

  6. nice pics sis,feeling ko nasa UK na din ako.the last three photos reminds mo of Cedie and Princess Sarah.hehe!

  7. Hatchet Pond looks so serene! :)

  8. napakasaya talagang tumambay dito sa blog mo, ang ganda ng iyong mga kuha, para silang mga postcard, grabe, at habang binabasa ko ang iyong mga description sa mga lugar, nakakagaan ng damdamin, it brings really positive vibes sa aking araw, keep it up :))
    -- by: Palaman ng Siopao

  9. Beautiful photos you got there. Pang postcard ang peg :) Feeling ko tuloy I'm also there.

  10. Ang ganda ng place!! panalo ang mga shots mo! Thanks for sharing!

  11. @michi, thanks sis =)

    @Sie, thanks a lot =)

    @kikilabotz, naku i don't consider myself a travel blogger, but thanks. The Hatchet Pond is my fave picnic site... im happy na we could come here and enjoy it as a family =)

    @Mommy Jo, talaga? Thanks ah. Sayang nga eh, taglamig na dito so ito na siguro ang huling bisita namin dito this year...

    @Jenggai, it is. This place is the perfect place to relax and it's not that far from us.

    @meow, thanks a lot for those wonderful words

    @Em, thanks a lot =)

    @Anney, thanks din and you're welcome =)

  12. sarap naman dyan for sure pag ako nandyan lahat ng sulok mag papictorial mode ako...hahaha:)

    But really the place is perfect for weekends:)

    Your photos are like postcard!

  13. Beautiful, relaxing spot to spend the weekend!

  14. Ang ganda sa Europe! Kaso lang ang mahal! :P

  15. @Sunny Toast, thanks a lot. It is one of the popular places here.

    @Pinay Travel Junkie, thanks, it is =)

    @Christian, hahaha! Oo so true =)


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