Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sunshine & Me

I am truly flattered that these two amazing gals namely, Marge of Piso Fashion and Anney of  Blog ni Ako awarded me with this tag. Thanks ladies =)

Now, let's answer these questions...

Favourite colour?

Favourite animal?
It's gotta be man's best friend =)

Favourite number?
I'm not even sure why or when I started liking it!

Favourite drink?

Facebook or Twitter?
I'm not big on social networking, but I open twitter more than FB

Baking, & I'd love to go to school to improve

Giving or getting presents?

Favourite day?
Saturday spent with my family, perfect!

Favourite flower?
My parents sell orchids & seeing these remind me of home =)

And now I am pleased to pass this on to these lovely bloggers
Lelay of Laugh with God Today
Mommy Jo of Sapphire Mommy
Mathea of Lolavie
Missus Cee of Happiness 
Apple of A Taste of Apple
Sunny Toast
Jenggai of Life's Simple Pleasures
Sie of A Life's Journey

All photos from this post are from Google PicSearch iPhone app.


  1. congrats to your award! i love baking too, pero hindi ako magaling.hehe i'd also love kung makaattend ako ng school para matuto talaga magbake.. hehe =)

  2. yippee yeyey! yippee yeyey! thanks Sis for this award. a nice gift for the long weekend hehhe..mwa!

  3. you are truly a sunshine. Sige go ka na sa baking school tapos turuan mo na lang kami ni Sey or ako kung ayaw nii twin sis. hehe.. I also love orchids. That's my nanay's favorite flower, I guess kaya gusto ko din sya. dami kasi nya nyan. eh. :)

  4. @Macy, thanks, sarap magbake no?

    @mathea, your welcome sis =)

    @mayen, aww thanks sis. Oo ba, hanap lang ako ng bwelo sa oras, maybe when Poj is a bit bigger. =)

  5. ms kristeta congrats with the award, heheh.. anyway po need ko po ulit ng support niyo take time to nminate here

  6. weeeee..kristeta congrats and your site really deserve it..and you deserve it too..because you brought a smiley sunshine to each person who visited you..thank you Kristeta for this award..thank you for always visiting me and leaving a comment I truly appreciate it ;)

  7. congrats sis and thank you din for this award. same here, 12 is also my favorite number ever since elementary ako. i remember pa, sa mga intramural jersey ko lagi ako #12 :)

  8. Hi, I like your pictures here!
    You have a great blog.

    check out mine if u like ;)

  9. Mahilig din ako mag bake! Minsan binalak ko na pumasok sa school of baking para mas matuto kaya lang di matuloy tuloy.

  10. Hello beautiful, beautiful pictures and precious space if you like the poetry I invite you to my new space poetic breeze.
    a hug.

  11. sureness sis :) we both liked dogs, 12, and coffee!

  12. Congratulations! And same with all recipients too!:) Great blog of yours! I like it much! thanks for sharing us about you!:) Ganda lalu na mga pictures dito! Wow! Thumbs up!:)


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