Monday, 12 December 2011

Our Christmas Tree is Up

It feels that I have been away for ages! I have been busy with Poj, work, Christmas stuff and gadget issues. I'm happy to share that I'm still busy with Poj =) but my work assignment is back in track, Christmas gifts are all wrapped up & are happily sitting under the tree, Christmas party is now finished, my iMac is now fixed and I only have one gadget issue left - one that I'm too tired with that I don't even want to go there!

And now that my computer is back, I can update my blog and catch up on what I've been missing with my blogger friends.

One of the things we've been up to is finding our perfect Christmas tree for this year.

Erick & I have been together for a long time but never bothered putting up a Christmas tree. But we decided to change our ways and get one last year for Poj's 2nd Christmas. We enjoyed decorating it so much plus it made the house a lot more Christmassy.
This year, Poj knows a bit more about Christmas, we've started introducing it to him and I just found out that his nursery is doing the same.
We picked him up one night and he's been saying I want a Christmas tree!

It's handy that there's a small tree farm close to his nursery. We drove there in the morning and Poj helped choose our tree for this year. We opted fot a smaller tree which was not only cheaper but fits our  humble home much better. 

I decided on 'recycling' as the theme for this year. I used some of the lovely cards we received last year plus our some of our old baubles. This theme followed with all the Christmas gifts as well. We didn't buy any wrappers and used leftover from previous Christmasses.

We wish everyone a very merry and meaningful Christmas =)


  1. Wow!:) Lovely Christmas Tree!:) Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas too!:)

  2. weeeeee..Merry Christmas too Kristeta..hug Poj from me ok..and I'll be waiting for your baked goodies on your Christmas post *blink* are so blessed Kristeta..have a blessed Christmas ;)

  3. Ganda namn ng Christmas tree! Ako tapos ko na mabalot lahat ng regalo for my relatives and friends.

  4. wow, you are very creative. Puede ba gayahin? he he.

  5. i love what you did to your christmas tree,very personalized.two thumbs up sis! Merry Christmas to your fab family.God Bless you always! :)

  6. Sis, ang ganda ng Christmas Tree nyo! Ang cute ng idea mo put those cards you received as decorations. Ikaw na!! I'm glad your back. namiss kita sa blogsphere but na lang nakaka-tweet kita.

    Pangarap ko ang ganyang Christmas tree, yung puno talaga.. hehe..

  7. cute ng christmas tree mo. ako rin, last year lang nagstart magkabit, gusto kasi ni hubby. ako ok lang kahit wala christmas tree, hehe!

  8. nice pictures! new templates! have a nice day!...:)

  9. merry xmas!late na pala ako, wala pa kaming xmas tree!=)

  10. @Sagittarian - Thanks a lot =)

    @Sie - Merry Christmas to you, too. I will. Haha, may pressure ba? I haven't decided on what to bake for Christmas eh. =)

    @anney - thanks sis. It's good to organized no? Christmas is such a wonderful time that's why I wanted to keep it simple & stressfree

    @joy - Thanks, though tingin ko kuripot lang, hehe. Oo naman =)

  11. @Mommy Jo - Thanks sis. Those cards were just too pretty for the bin. They made this year's tree special =)

    @Mayen - thanks sis. It is great to be back. Namiss ko magbasa ng mga blog, hehe. Oo nga kung walang twitter super nahuli na ako talaga =)

    @Michi - Oo nga eh, para sa akin hindi kasi yung tree lang ang pwedeng magpafeel ng pasko. But I guess it helps =)

    @mommy-razz - thanks po =)

    @Macy - haha, di pa naman, Yung iba dito they put up a tree the day before Christmas. Inagahan ko na lang ng konti para naman sulit ang effort =)

  12. Lovely cards you got there :) It adds beauty and uniqueness to the Christmas tree.

    From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

  13. Very nice concept for a Christmas Tree my friend, and you are really resourceful for recycling some cards and other things to decorate the house with the theme! Advance merry Christmas to you my friend and I am so happy that everything seemed to be in order and you can blog again! I know all your blogger friends miss you :) Have a great day to you :)

  14. What a cute tree! I don't think I could ever have a small tree coz we got tons of ornaments to hang. LOL But a giant tree won't fit our living room. So, we do settle for something that fits the living room window's height. Nice family picture!

    A Ladybug's Life


  15. ganda ng kismas tree ni Poj, hahah he looked very happy in that picture. cute Poj! mwa!

  16. Gandang greetings ng new template mo sis, ginulat ako. hahaha. Ganda ng idea to put cards on the tree. Ikaw at si Twin sis Mayen ang may bonggang ideas how to decorate the Christmas tree. Gayahin ko kayo sa susunod. hahaha, wala na akong creative ideas, lipas na yata.

  17. Merry Christmas from our family to yours! :D

    From Roxi, Oscar and Jacob
    Mr. Jacob's Mom


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