Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Disneyland Paris

This is a long post & packed with photos, please bear with me. The rain on all the days that we were in Paris was on and off, including our Disneyland day. Hence why we were not able to do as much as we did the first time we were here. But hey ho, we're already here and we tried to make the best of the day.

One of the things that I love about the whole place is the attention to detail. Even from the park's entrance you can already feel that they are celebrating their 20th anniversary (the golden cake that the hippo was holding has a number 20) as well as all the colourful banners everywhere made the place feel a lot more celebratory and inviting.  

The Disneyland Hotel 
We started off by catching the train that goes around the park. Passengers can get off at any of the stops or you can choose to stay and get off on the Main Street. We chose to stay to have a quick tour of the whole park. 

We were a bit early, as you can see here everyone was gathered outside the castle waiting for the park to officially open.

You can choose to walk from here or ride one of the free cars that collect visitors from different pick up points. Poj was in the mood to walk so that's what we did. You could see the different Disney characters scattered around the park, ready to greet and meet. Poj is only starting to know the characters and was not that interested.

There are a lot of different rides for both the young and the young at heart. There are also a long queue! 
There's also a ferry ride that we tried before. A lot of restaurants can be found across the park as well as gift shops. 
The park was open until 11pm. The Disney Magic parade was at 5pm and the anniversary light show was at 9pm.

Happy 20th Anniversary Disneyand Paris!
Poj may be young to remember all of these but he had fun on the day. And even when it rained heavily in the middle of the day, we still had a good time. Pero syempre, buti na lang libre lang ang tickets namin, hehe.

Hope you guys could check out these YouTube videos. The first one is the Disney Magic on Parade and the second video is the 20th Anniversary Light Show and Fireworks.  Poj loved the light show and kept saying "amazing" after every set and every time the fireworks go off. =)


  1. Sis ngayon ko lang nakita ang new banner mo. Ang galing hehehe. 

    Ang ganda ng Disneyland parang castle din at yung hotel kulay cotton candy, sarap kagatin. hehehehe.  At yung train gusto ko sumakay dun. Next time sabihan mo ko sis ah, sasama ako, hehehe (how I wish).  San makatungtong din kami jan someday, sa ngayon Enchanted Kingdom muna ako, hehehe. 

  2. OMG. You are in UK. I've been dreaming of going there since college. Love this post of yours, the kid in me was awakened. haha

  3. amazing nga naman. hehe! salamat sa pagtour sa min sa dinesyland paris. sarap sumakay dun sa train. =)

  4. my heart always beats faster whenever i see disneyland posts. it's still the happiest place on earth! ♥

  5. the fountain in front of the hotel reminded me so much of enchanted kingdom. hihi. halatang hanggang pinas lang ako. :P i love your pictures. made me miss scrapbooking. good to know you still had a good time despite of the heavy rain. and i remember from your previous post na libre ang tix nyo. buti na lang talaga. :))

  6. oh my God.. drooling. kaloka gusto ko na naman pumasok sa mga pics mo. I'm sure pag napunta ako dyan maiiyak ako sa galak. It's my dream. actually Disney anywhere carry na. pero disney paris mas masaya. hehe.. Thanks for sharing sis. I absolutely loved every photos, especially the poj's and papa e's pics. Nasan ka nga pala sis? haha..  

  7. really enjoyed looking at the pictures and nakakaenganyo na bisitahin kahit grandmother na ako. sayang la nyan sa pinas. madala sana mga apo ko. hi hi

  8. ayos lang namang maraming photos kasi sayang ang mga moments sa disney paris kung mangilan-ngilan lang!  kitang-kita ang saya sa mukha ng iyongmga boylets :)  am sure ikaw din, mas masaya talaga basta kasama ang family!

  9. I'm so green with envy right now! (in a good way ;-) ) and full of anxiousness for our turn to visit Disneyland.  Kailangan mag-ipon muna at palakihin si Tala heheheh  I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful in spite of the rain.   I love the picture of the train with the smoke effect... para lang harry potter! hehe

    Spanish Pinay

  10. nice place...


  11. Mukhang mas maganda dyan kesa yung nasa california o florida!  kailan kaya ako makakarating dyan! hay sa pangarap na lang yata! hehehe!

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    http://brownbugz.blogspot.com/2012/05/kreativ-blog-award.html to see.


  13. LAKADPilipinas11 May 2012 at 13:28

    wow may life-sized star wars xwing sa disneyland!

  14. Thanks for sharing, Krizzy! :) 
    At least kahit sa pictures, nakapunta ako ng Disneyland, Paris.
    Mukhang sobrang enjoy ang bagets ha :)

  15. wow! Disneyland Paris! ang saya nman ditooo... :)


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