Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Celebrating the Holidays!

We're lucky that we got the time off this Christmas week. It's always nice to spend time together as a family without the pressures of work etc.
We started Christmas with cooking and tidying the house for the Big day. We wanted to welcome Christmas and our guests with a sparkling clean house, hehe. Then we went to the midnight mass - we were actually surprised that Poj was up for this. The mass was lovely and everyone was in good spirits until 3 men decided to come in and ruin the Christmas mass. What was meant to be a joyous occasion became one of the scariest. I was worried that Poj might get hurt. We were sat on this 3-seater pew on the left isle and was trapped by this huge pillar. We managed to move to the centre isle somehow before one of them reached the area where we were seated and started throwing chairs at people! It's a good thing that the police arrived and arrested the 3 men and no one was seriously hurt. We were all shaken but Our priest calmed us all and finished the mass. Everyone went home a bit more Christmassy even after the incident. ( Here's a link of the article from one of the newspapers - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2078727/Midnight-Mass-brawl-Chairs-fly-punches-thrown-hell-breaks-loose-400-strong-congregation.html) 
Jace opened one gift when we got home but was too tired and went straight to bed. Papa E & I enjoyed our traditional Noche Buena of ham, queso de bola, bread & hot chocolate =)
We Skyped with our families in the morning, then some of our friends joined us for Christmas day which made it more special. There were lots of food, kwentuhan and tawanan! Just how Christmas should be =)
Some of our friends during Christmas lunch
New Year started at 4pm on the 31st as we again Skyped with our families. We shared not just greetings and kwentuhan but also the menu & the noise! We did not have guests for New Year so our celebration was pretty laid back. We went to church in the morning and stayed at home (and ate lots of food, hehe). 
 "it's noisy Ina" nung narinig nya ang mga paputok sa Pinas via Skype
Our humble Media Noche
Our 2012 toast

Feel na feel ni Poj, parang nakawine din sya, lol =)

Cheers, Ama =)

Gifts, gifts, gifts!
Poj must've been a good boy as he received a lot of pressies. 
And Santa gave me my wish - a pair of  Ugg boots
I always love receiving cards for Christmas =)
I always get a Starbucks mug for Christmas =)

We have received a lot of lovely gifts but it's the gift of family, friends and good health that we are most thankful for. Again I'm wishing everyone a very happy new year. All the best for 2012!!! Xoxo


  1. katakot naman yung sa church. ang cute ni poj dun sa nagtatakip ng tenga, hehe! happy new year!

    sis, ano name nung thomas set mo, mas malaki sa nabili ko (climbing set). =)

  2. Have a fruitful 2012! Cheers!
    I hope something like that won't happen again.

  3. Kristeta naku are you ok and baby Poj? hay naku bad guys grrrr..shocking naman..

    anyways Happy new year Kristeta and Poj is so cute holding a wine glass oh hahaha..God bless you and your family *hugs* ;)

  4. Ano ba namn yang 3 mama na yan! Dami talagang masasamang tao sa mundo! By the way, Happy New Year! I love the last photo! Such a lovely family!

  5. @ Michi - hi sis! He's got 4 train sets, 3 Thomas & the other one is wooden. One is a Tomy Steam Along Thomas Set, Trackmaster Sodor Friends Road & Rail Set & another Trackmaster Shake Shake Bridge. Pinagdugtong-dutong namin yung mga Thomas sets for Christmas =)
    Nakakatakot nga pero the important thing is no one was seriously hurt. It could've been much worse.

    @ Em - Thanks a lot sis. I hope so too =)

    @ Sie - We're ok now. We were pretty shaken that night pero nung nahuli na sila and we were home we tried to forget about the whole thing. Haha, feel na feel nga eh =)

    @ anney - Thanks a lot sis. After several tries nakakuha rin ako ng nakangiti kaming lahat =)

  6. naku, maraming set pa pala bibilhin ko para lumaki, mukhang wala na kaming space sa bahay pag ganun. hehe! thanks! check ko yan sa toy kingdom! =)

  7. Haha! Kaya nga eh, magiging Thomas land ang bahay nyan. But i guess it's worth it kung happy sila =)

  8. happy new year sis ur son is so adorable..:)

  9. i also read and watched the news.katakot naman na experience yun sis.

    love the holiday photos,ang kyoooot talaga ni Poj,super smiling face :)

  10. @darkpink2009 - Thanks =) & also for dropping by.

    @Mommy Jo - I know. Lalo akong natakot nung may nagpapanick na babae na sabi, one of them has got a knife. Umabot sya sa lugar namin in time when we got out of there. Hayz..
    Buti na lang Poj didn't take too much notice kasi antok na =) Thanks sis =)

  11. i had a crappy christmas, buti ka pa happy! sabagay basta kasama ang family, everything becomes extra fun and memorable!

  12. Krizzy_kalokangPinay5 January 2012 at 10:23

    Oh no, what happened sis? It wasn't complete kasi wala ibang family namin but with technology medyo na-ease ang feeling. 
    Thanks sis, oo nga eh

  13. kasi pag-uwi ko sa house namin wala na kong matulugan dahil sa dami ng relatives naming nandun, at nagdala pa ng mga kaibigan nila. nagmukha tuloy akong bisita. 

  14. Krizzy_kalokangPinay5 January 2012 at 10:33

    ay ganun =( Kaya pala. Sorry to hear that. The last thing you want is to not feel at home sa sarili mong bahay. Hopefully you could all do something na kayong family lang to make up for it =)

  15. That incident was scary. I'm glad everyone went home safe after the mass. Never seen one and thank God for that, cause I might die of nervousness.

    I love your food, the gifts and most especially yung little wine glass ni Poj.  Si Poj may train, si Thomas ba ulit yun? Si Poj talaga loyalist ni Thomas. 

    Sis, thanks for the cards.

  16. Krizzy_kalokangPinay5 January 2012 at 23:37

    It was really scary especially since we had Poj with us. But yes, thank God no one was seriously hurt.
    And yes, Thomas train yung nakita mo. he now has 1 wooden train track & 3 thomas train sets. Kaya i wasnt kidding when i said the house is starting to look a bit like a Mini- Thomas land. =)
    You're welcome sa card & I read your blog post. Thanks din sis =)

  17. That was scary.. Thank God you and the two boys weren't hurt. 

    awww.. nakaka-inggit si poj sis. He must'v been  a good boy to get so much presents. Natawa ako sa reaction ng face nya sa paputok. haha.. Pag andito sya I'm sure hindi lang yan ang reaction nya.. I saw that mickey plate, so cute.. 

    I hope your 2012 will be as great as last year. You and your family deserve it. Love you sis.. 

  18. Krizzy_kalokangPinay6 January 2012 at 08:44

    It was, sis. But you're right, the most important thing is that everyone was ok in the end.

    Haha, Poj was a happy boy this Christmas. I think we did good by buying little things for him like his books a couple of months prior to Christmas. Though naibigay namin sa kanya yung isa kasi di kami makatiis, yung mga iba naman nabuksan nya nung pasko. He was pleased kasi yung mga friends namin Thomas din ang mga bigay sa kanya, =)

    Haha, buti nga naalala namin kuhaan yung New Year, we were so hungry nung pasko kaya di nakuhaan yung handa nun, lol.  Haha, that Mickey Mouse plate is his fave, & he refuse to eat sometimes kapag di yun ang gamit nya. Kaya kahit pasko at di matching sa plate namin, I have to give in. 

    All the best din sayo sis for 2012. I know this year would be truly special. Love you, too xoxo


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