Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dream Castle Hotel

The Dream Castle Hotel, Paris

When we arrived at Marne le Vallee train station, we headed to our bus stop and waited for the shuttle bus. We were told that they come every 15minutes and caters to 4 different hotels. We didn't wait very long, thank goodness & it was a massive bus so there were plenty of spaces.

We received an email from the travel agency a couple of days before departure informing us that they have confirmed our hotel reservation & no action was required from us. Because of this we were expecting a quick check in. After filling in the form with our details the lady gave us a wonderful surprise, we've been upgraded to a Family Room, yay!

We only booked a standard room with a double bed coz we don't mind Poj sleeping with us (holiday on a shoe string!) Instead we were given a room with a bigger bed plus 2 bunk beds. =) We were delighted!

The room was clean and cool when we got there. The beds were comfy and there were extra pillows which was a big plus for me. The room was air conditioned but when we arrived we preferred to just open the window and enjoy the fresh air.
There are the basics such as coffee/tea facility, a small flat screen TV that has some English channels as well (thank goodness) & one thing that we weren't expecting was a fridge. There was also a vault that is hidden inside the huge closet.

The bathroom was a good size, with a shower/bath. There were plenty of towels, a complimentary L'Occitane hand lotion, hand soap, shower gel & shampoo, hmmm lovely =)

Poj settled straight away and asked if he could sleep on the upper bunk bed, but since I was worried that he might fall down, I said no & my good boy came down the stairs and stayed on the lower bunk bed.

When we have sorted our stuff I remembered that they use a different socket than the UK. I don't know why I forgot to bring our adaptor when we've been there before, duh!  Luckily they have one at the reception that you can borrow. 
It was then that they told us that we could avail of the '1st night discount voucher' to their restaurant which offers international buffet. It was very reasonably priced that it'll be silly not to try it. And we were glad that we did as it was one of the best buffets we've tried. The staff were lovely and spoke good English. They had different cuisines on offer and huge dessert and fruit tables.
They also gave Poj a treasure chest with a toy car inside which I thought was a nice touch. And in one corner of the restaurant was a section for the kids to play when they have finished their meal so you can still enjoy yours without the risk of them getting bored. We were happy customers when we left. Sayang lang we weren't able to take photos to share here =)

I'm sharing more photos of the hotel but will stop typing now. Sensya na, I think I overdid it with the amount of pics on this post!
The view from our floor

The boys had lots of fun in the indoor pool & jacuzzi.

Poj tried the outdoor play area but found it way too cold even for him! 

And here's just some of the reasons why Poj fell in love with our hotel.

Next post, Disneyland Paris =)


  1. So this is in Paris? How cool. Great escape! We're planning to visit there next year and i think it's best to canvass and research a lil' bit about these affordable hotels in Paris, mind if you say the price? Thanks sis - graciegoesgaga

  2. The hotel is like a castle....I can live there forever. LOL. I was curious with Poj's treasure chest. The stuffs were really nice. Kung ganyan lahat ng service, all people will be happy customers and not to mention the room upgrade. Sobrang swerte ng trip niyo. Too many treats and ang ganda ng view.

  3. Christeen Cereno28 April 2012 at 01:39

    I guess everyone will dreamed of spending time in this hotel. The place alone is a real treats na - join mo pa ang service. Lucky you!

  4. Albert Einstein ☺28 April 2012 at 08:33

    Someday, somehow, I want to be here. Ang ganda ng interior ng hotel. 

  5. sis Krizzy oh WOW..this will be a dream come true for me..thank you for sharing this sis..ah pang honeymoon hahahaha ;)

  6. wow....ang gandang hotel....

  7. Amg sozy! Ang ganda ganda! Lucky you at na upgrade yung room nyo!

  8. wow! nakakarelax naman tingnan pictures mo. gusto ko mag hotel staycation. =) btw, when we went to malaysia, they have different socket too, good thing that i was able to borrow adaptor. 

  9. gosh, i love! i would love to go back to paris... our hotel was not as luxurious as yours as we were on a budget and got a .5 star inn near the train station - i even forgot the name because it was really no good haha!

  10. jaidyleen iglesias29 April 2012 at 06:38

    ganda nung hotel. sayang wala pictures nung food hehe =D

  11. very nice hotel. and very nice photos too! have fun! :)

  12. what a lovely place! no wonder it is called Dream castle hotel. Thanks for sharing these magnifent pictures:)

  13. hotel pa lang, vacation destination na!

  14. Krizzy_kalokangPinay5 May 2012 at 01:38

    I'm sure you'll have fun. Paris is beautiful, you'll fall in love with it. 
    Hotels are not too dear, but we found that the food are a bit pricey. Re sa hotel, depende where you want to stay...

  15. Krizzy_kalokangPinay5 May 2012 at 01:43

    It was a lovely hotel. Si Poj nga ayaw na ring umuwi nun.  The treasure chest had a transformers toy inside, it was made of plastic lang naman but it kept him occupied after he finished his meal.
    Buti na lang we went for a good hotel kasi di kami sinwerte sa weather sis. But the room upgrade was a real bonus!

  16. Krizzy_kalokangPinay5 May 2012 at 01:47

    when we first went to Paris ganun din lang ang kinuha namin. But we decided on a better one coz we have Poj. Buti na lang kasi maulan, imagine if we were stuck in a small room kapag maulan at walang magawa! 


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