Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Start of Our Trip...

Ito na yata ang pinakarushed na preparation ko sa isang trip. I know it's only a short trip pero with a little one - mahirap na may makalimutan. I usually pack light wherever we go pero since having Poj I had to change. I've learnt early on that it's better to carry a massive bag packed with all his stuff than to forget something he needs and regret it. So that explains the big luggage (isa lang naman for the 3 of us) which I packed at 1am the morning of our trip.

I shared here before that Sky TV gave away 2 adult tickets to Disneyland Paris for it's 20th anniversary. We are on a tight budget but thought we could loosen the string for a little bit for this one time. It's Papa E's birthday after all and the tickets are free. 

We chose to take the Eurostar instead of flying. The station is in London so we had to take the early bus to get there. And here is Poj just before 6am - super awake and excited to ride the big bus. =)

We arrived at the station with plenty of time to buy some Euros (I told you we were not prepared at all for this trip) and to collect our boarding passes. We only had 2 tickets each way coz kids under 4 ride free on the train (yay!).

We boarded 30 minutes before departure. It was a lot quicker and more straight forward than getting on the plane. They simply scan your bags while you pass through the metal detector and then they check your passports and that's it.
We were not on the train for long and then we had to get off at Lille Europe to catch the train going to Disneyland Paris.

We've not had a proper breakfast so were famished. We had time so we left the station and went to a nearby mall. Syempre medyo nagulat pa rin kami na puro French na ang sulat! We're lucky that they know how to speak English so we were able to grab a quick lunch and walk around before heading back to the station. 

At eto na si Poj naiinip na so pinaglaruan na ang aming luggage. We were waiting for our platform number and our train.

Just like in London, our train arrived on time. And we're lucky coz from the bus to this last leg of the journey, there were a lot of empty seats. So kahit free ang ride ni Poj we never had to sit him on our lap. He was even free to use two seats as his bed =)

It was cold when we got there but luckily the free shuttle bus to our hotel didn't take long to arrive. Please bear with me, I'll blog about our hotel and Disney next =)


  1. Yay, Olympic mode na ang London. Poj is really awake, and not just that, he's with a BIG smile, kakagigil sarap i-Hug.  Great one Poj. You'll be a nice travel buddy. 

    I fell inlove with the menu written in french. The boards are gorgeous. And look at Poj, so cute while playing with the luggage. Minsan feeling ko ang laki na ni Poj pero sa pictures na to, he's still a baby.

  2. jaidyleen iglesias25 April 2012 at 00:39

    cute ni poj sa last pic. sarap kurutin haha

  3. Wow. I love all the pics. Thank you for taking us there sis. Poj as usual, super cute on his GAP sweat shirt. Naku heavy packer ako (yun ba ang right term), pag nag-ka anak kami dapat yata matuto akong magbawas ng gamit ko. hehe.. I'll just consult you or my sisters in the future. hehe..
    Gaya ni twin sis, nag enjoy din ako sa Menu written in French. :) Can't wait for the rest of the pics. :)

  4. so cool! looks like your kiddo had a blast! and going pa lang sa Disney! he knows he will be in for a great treat! :-) 

  5. ganda naman ng tren! meron din kaya nyan from spain? :-D lakas ng tawa ko sa itsura ni Poj na nakahiga sa dalawang empty seats LOL  Can't wait till we get our chance to see disneyland too.  Maliit pa si LSP eh kaya siguro hintay muna kami till next year or 2014 :-D

    Dalian ang post about the hotel and disneyland! joke! haha
    Spanish Pinay

  6. Krizzy_kalokangPinay25 April 2012 at 20:32

    Super Olympic mode na nga =) Sayang wala kaming nakuhang tickets kaya asa work kami nun. He is a great travel buddy. He doesn't scream or shout or throws tantrums.
    Haha! Kakatuwa nga sya eh. Imbes na umiyak sa boredom gumawa sya ng paraan para aliwin ang sarili nya! =)

  7. Krizzy_kalokangPinay25 April 2012 at 20:33

    Somehow you will learn to pack his stuff first and squeeze your own with remaining space =)

  8. Krizzy_kalokangPinay25 April 2012 at 20:36

    Parang UK, France, Belgium, Germany at Switzerland lang yung nakita ko sis eh. 
    Oo nga eh, comfy diva?
    Yup, we weren't planning of going kung wala kaming free ticket kasi he's still too young to fully appreciate and remember it all. Malay mo sama kami sa inyo para mameet na namin kayo in person! =)

  9. don't worry, most girls have an over packing syndrome. haha! looking forward to your disneyland experience post. :)

  10. Your little cutie prince is sooo adorable! - graciegoesgaga

  11. grh! I miss you blog.....but anyway nothing change your little prince is still adorable and the bakasyon! so sosyal!  thank you for sharing your wonderful shots and happy moments:)


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