Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bournemouth Air Festival

 The Bournemouth Air Festival is an annual air show held along the coast of Bournemouth. This is a free event which features aircraft from the Royal Air force and the Royal Navy. The first air show was in 2008 & we were among the first ones who enjoyed that event. We didn't go last year as it was rainy and Poj was too little. But we knew he's old enough to enjoy the show this year & he did! 
The Red Arrows

It was a proper boys' day out with picnic and planes. There are also a variety of interactive & informative attractions including Firefighters and Safety Equipment Fitters from RAF Odiham, life-sized Chinook Helicopter, an interactive weapons display, RAF caterers (we tasted their food & it was lovely) and a lot more. 

super happy with his souvenir Red Arrows 
After the event we went to the park to relax & enjoy a little picnic. It was a wonderful day & Poj had a blast! 


Unfortunately, one of the RAF Red Arrows pilot died when his plane crashed following the display. Flt Lt Jon Egging, Red 4 crashed near the Bournemouth Airport. Our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.  

Here's a YouTube video of the Red Arrows display.


  1. how bout an Air Festival here in Pinas? ganyan din kaya kagaling? hahah so cute the curly hair of baby Poj, naughty cool ang dating hehhe...

  2. Wow, sis ang ganda ng Festival na yan, makulay pa yung smoke from the planes. Napa-wow nanaman ako.

    Meron din air show dito sa Philippines pero hindi ko pa ako nakakapanood. One day I will.

    Si Poj sigurado nag-enjoy. Sayang, sana may plane na Thomas ang print para mas-enjoy siya.

    My condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Flt Lt Jon Egging.

  3. WOW! ang sarap tingnan.. makapanood din sana ako ng ganyan.. hehe

    ang daming kwentong kabataan si Poj..

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  5. Exciting namn manood ng air show kaya nga lang dangerous para sa mga pilot.

  6. pangarap ko makapag shoot ng ganyan kaso wala ata ganyan sa pinas ih.

    swerte mo! =)

  7. shades ever si Poj ah..cool dude! eto para sa' yo..mmmwaaaaah!
    ganda manuod kaso di ba super maingay? kawawa naman un namatay na pilot..sigh.

  8. wow, the planes are amzing, by the way, is it your baby? he's cute aww :)) hope you can visite my site also :)

  9. wow, this is wonderful! gaganda ng mga pictures. and poj is uber cute as usual. poging-pogi with his shades.

    I feel sorry for the pilot who had the plane crashed :( may his soul rest in peace.

    Spanish Pinay


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