Friday, 19 August 2011

Scooter Boy

We bought this tri-scooter ages ago (syempre, nung nakita namin na sale sya!) round about the time we bought him his trains and new train tracks. Went a little Thomas gaga? You betcha! So we excitedly showed this to Poj and he completely ignored it. Tried to entice him by showing him how it works but he just wasn't buying any it. He was simply happy playing with his new train collection. It kept him happy and that's alright with us. After weeks of trying we decided that we will take it upstairs at the end of the day to wrap up for Christmas.

At parang adik na tulad ng kanyang Ama lol, kung kelan itatago ko na ay doon nya ito napansin! He asked me to open the box and set it all up, kept calling it "stooter." And so I did set it up for him and let him play with it thinking he was too young for it and would get bored pretty quickly. And how wrong was I? The boy was on a mission, stopping only after he finally knew how to do it properly. So after having a go several times and a couple of bruises later, tadaaaa! Scooter boy na ang Poj ko!
Now he goes around the block when we get home in the afternoon until I'm finished preparing dinner. Or minsan naman sa park.  Medyo ambitious nung nakita yung skateboard rink sa park, "dun Ina, Ama!" Ok, medyo OA pero cute diba? Just explained to him that he needs to practice a bit more and when he's a little bit older we'll let him play there. Kalerky! 


  1. sis, nainspire naman ko bilhan son ko. natatakot kasi ko kaya sabi ko bike na lang, pero di pa marunong magpadyak. hahaha! nag-iisip na ko kung ano bigay ko sa birthday niya. =)

  2. @michi sis, ask him to try it out sa store if you want (though di na sya surprise). Poj's is a tri-scooter, 1 on the front & a couple sa rear. Meron ding baliktad na 2 sa harap & 1 sa likod yung gulong & you can get one with 4 wheels. Went for this one coz it's Thomas. But im looking for some elbow & knee pads to go with his helmet din =)

  3. sana nga meron din dito ng helmet, elbow and knee pads na pang kids, para safe. sana lang maluwag ang kalsada dito, hahaha! thanks! =)

  4. aww.. may bagong talent na naman si poj. he's too cute on his with his helmet. before we knew it po is driving his own car.. hehe.. matagal pa yun. lol. luv yah sissy!

  5. Naku Poj, you really made my day! Sige practice lang pag anjan na ako, angkas mo ako ah! Grabe taas paa talaga.

    You went Thomas gaga pala ah! ako din eh! Chooo-chooo! hahahaha!

    More pictures of Poj please! Ang cute!

  6. cute-cute. complete gear pa si poj. at marunong talga mag-scooter. hehehe!

  7. Ang cute cute namn nya tinggnan lao na pag naka helmet! By the way may award nga pala ako sayo.

    One Lovely blog Award and Sunshine Award

  8. Super Cute mami..gusto ko rin...hahaha:) Complete gear tlga:)

  9. OMG, I died of cuteness! halos kasing laki nya lang ang scooter but look at how he dominates it! :)

    Spanish Pinay

  10. @michiHaha, on the hunt pa pero wala pang nakikita. And mas maliit ata kalsada dito kaya we have to go to the park para makapaglaro sya =)

    luv you, too! Naku oo nga eh, ang bilis ng mga pangyayari. When we went to ToysRus yung bike naman ang ayaw tantanan, pinaikot sa buong store! Hehe, wala pa sa budget yun e =)

    @Sey Sige tita Sey, pagpunta mo dito iaangkas kita =)

    @anney Thanks anney! He only wears it kasi Thomas! Thanks sa award ah =)

    thanks lelay =)

    @SunnyToastThanks Sunny Toast =)

    @Spanish PinayHaha! Oo nga eh, when they said adjustable yung handle akala ko pwede ring pababa, pataas lang pala! Buti na lang nakaya, kundi nalerky ako! =)

  11. hi kristeta, thanks for visiting my site. i love your term, UKay. haha. aliw.

    i commend your kid. ang galing na kaagad mag scooter ha. :) this is specially for his age di ba? kasi pang big kids na sa toysRus. :)

    cute baby!

  12. oh my,ang cute! he looks like a certified little scooter boy sa pic nya sa park :) i think same age sila ni little man is 2 years and 5 months old,how about Poj?

  13. @Missus Cee Hello, thanks.=)
    Yes, this scooter is age-specific, adjustable yung handle bar so when he grows taller and older he can still play with it comfortably. Yung bike is for 3 year olds, kaya nga we decided not to buy it just yet. That could be his birthday present for his 3rd =)
    ToysRus here has a line up of toys and other stuff from birth till teens...

  14. @Sapphire Mommy Thanks ah. Your right, magkasing-edad nga sila. Poj is now 2 years and 3 monhs old. Thanks. Apart kasi sa nursery, wala naman syang makalaro dito, so whenever the weather would permit, we bring him to the park.


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