Monday, 22 August 2011

My New Toy!

Alright, it's not really that exciting. It's not even that hi-tech either.

For the longest time Papa Erick knows that I want a water proof video cam. I wanted a small one that could take still underwater as well. He wouldn't budge coz he knows my mobile phone contract is up for renewal in November. He told me to get a phone with an HD video and decent still camera.  He has a point there, but there aren't any waterproof phones out, is there?

 I only wanted an inexpensive one that we could bring when we go swimming. And this minicamera came to the rescue. It's as small as a credit card, light as a feather (exage!) & is waterproof. It's not HD but for a tad over £20 (P 1400) I'd say it's not bad. 

It's not for serious photography or anything like that. But with all the stuff that I need to pack with me whenever we go out (those with kids would know how much you need to pack for them!), I just need one that I could slid in my pocket and not worry too much about. I reckon this would do the job =)
What do you think?

This was the last underwater pic of Poj, taken when he was under 1 (by a professional), hopefully with my new cam we would be able to take pics and video of him next time we go swimming =)


  1. The cool toy ever..

  2. ayos yan ah, may dedicated underwater video cam pala! good find! =)

  3. Woah, I like that camera, Affordable and it can serve you well. It's nice to have one like that, for swimming purposes. syempre ang mga camera very sensitive pero yan pwedeng pwede habang naliligo.

    Ang cute ni Poj. talagang underwater pa. Naku Poj, baka matalo mo ako sa paglangoy.

  4. @mommy-razzThanks moomy =)

    @Christian | Lakad PilipinasThanks Christian, it's nothing compared to your D10 but it'll do =)

    @Spanish PinayThanks Lhot =)

    @Seyyup, and it's sturdy kahit mabagsak i don't have to worry too much. It's perfect for us =)

  5. oh wow, even the color is nice. inggit ako!

  6. huwaw! i love it! try it on na! =)

  7. i like the color! is it disposable??


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